Give to Women and Girls Day serves as a call to action for donors to direct more giving toward women’s and girls’ organizations that are in need of greater funding. By utilizing the Women’s Philanthropy Institute’s research, organizations can develop a strategic approach to working more closely with women donors and uplifting the need for this collective giving. Find more research to inform your fundraising plans here.

Spread the Word

Share the great work your organization is doing and encourage donors to #GiveToWomenAndGirls! Use these resources—including social media graphics, copy and email messaging—to help spread the word of Give to Women and Girls Day October 11 and every day, and encourage your supporters to do the same.

Save the Date - Give to Women and Girls Day on October 11, 2023

Check back for updates on Give to Women and Girls Day 2023. In the meantime, continue to use the resources on this site to help inform your giving and fundraising efforts!

How else can you support Give to Women and Girls Day?

  • Encourage donors to give to your organization using these tips.
  • Invite other women’s and girls’ organizations to do the same.
  • Share your Give to Women and Girls Day experiences and success stories
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The only comprehensive data on charitable organizations dedicated to women and girls in the U.S., the Women & Girls Index (WGI) tracks the amount of charitable giving these organizations receive from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Thanks to funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WPI has updated the WGI annually since 2019. While nearly 50,000 organizations are dedicated to women and girls across the U.S., the WGI consistently shows that less than 2% of all charitable giving goes to these organizations.

By incorporating this important data into fundraising communications, organizations can highlight the need for greater funding and encourage donors to consider aligning their giving in a way that uplifts women and girls. Find resources to encourage donors to #GiveToWomenAndGirls here.


Give to Women and Girls Day encourages financial giving to women’s and girls’ organizations, but there are many other ways you can generate support for your organization. Consider the 7 Ts of philanthropy — Treasure, Testimony, Time, Talent, Ties, Trust and Transparency — when planning how to engage your community.

Expanded Generosity


“I want unfettered opportunities for girls and women. This means putting girls and women at the center of everything. It means supporting girls and women to speak for themselves and to design and lead solutions to the stubborn problems that get in the way of creating a more equal world for all. It means allowing girls and women to control the resources that are needed to implement those solutions. Give to Women & Girls Day is a celebration of the great potential for change.”

- Michelle Milford Morse

Vice President, Girls & Women Strategy,
United Nations Foundation

“Women Moving Millions is honored to support Give to Women and Girls Day—a day that speaks to the heart of our mission to catalyze unprecedented resources for gender equality. Investing in women and girls builds a better future for us all, and we hope philanthropists at every level will join the movement and support organizations building a gender equal world.”

- Sarah Haacke Byrd

Women Moving Millions

“Give to Women and Girls Day is an important opportunity and wake up call. With less than 2% of giving currently directed to women and girls, it is vital that givers at all levels step up and invest in our health, well-being and leadership. When women thrive, families, communities and societies thrive.”

- Lisa Eisen

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies

"While women and girls make up 51 percent of the world’s population, organizations that support women and girls receive less than 2 percent of all philanthropic giving–even less for funds that focus on women and girls of color. We can and must do more. That's why the Women's Funding Network, the world’s largest philanthropic alliance for gender equity, is proud to partner on Give to Women and Girls Day. When all genders thrive, we bring our whole community with us."

- Elizabeth Barajas-Román

President and CEO,
Women’s Funding Network

​​“By investing in women and girls, we’re cultivating a community of strong, powerful leaders who are paving the way for true equality in this country. Pivotal Ventures is proud to support the first day of giving dedicated specifically to women and girls, and we hope this effort helps launch a new era of philanthropy that directs more energy and attention to gender equality and ensures this chronically underfunded, crucially important issue finally sees the resources it deserves.”

– Haven Ley

Managing Director of Program Strategy at Pivotal Ventures